ECATS 2020 General Data Protection Regulation Statement

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The ECATS handling of personal data is controlled by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and associated legislation. ECATS is obliged to provide you with the following information which explains in detail how and why we are processing your personal data and explains your legal rights.

There are two types of information that we would like to retain as part of the preparation for, and the recording of the ECATS online conference.

Firstly, your names and professional e-mail addresses would be recorded for distribution amongst the conference attendees. We would also retain these addresses for the announcement of future ECATS activities and events. Unless otherwise notified, this information would be held for six years and either be replaced or removed at this point.

For delegates:
As a conference delegate, your contributions to the conference will be recorded as video / audio files and made available on the ECATS website following the event.

For speakers:
As a conference speaker, your contributions will be recorded and made available via the ECATS website as a record of your presentation. This will include an audio track of your voice, and if enabled, webcam images of you speaking. Additionally, please note that we can not avoid other using recording or copying presentations provided and information shared during this event.

General information on Data Protection law is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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