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The conference format was a Symposium presenting seven sessions on Making Aviation environmentally sustainable. As we received a large number of high-quality contribution, ECATS has decided to edit and publish a book of abstracts which contains all extended abstracts (received in April 2020) plus short abstracts received (Volume 1 published in June 2020).

The Programme for the online ECATS 2020 is available in pdf Format. A Schedule is also available in pdf Format. Please note: all times are in Central European Time.

Conference schedule (Detailed Programme)
Day 1
9:00-10:00 Set up
10:00-11:50 Conference Opening & Key Note Speeches
11:50-12:40 Session I Airport Air Quality (part 1)
12:40-13:00 Poster Session I
13:00-13:50 Break
13:50-15:20 Session I Airport Air Quality (part 2)
15:20-16:00 Poster Session II
16:00 Networking Ice-breaker
Day 2
10:00-12:20 Session II Climate impact and mitigation concepts
12:20-13:00 Poster Session III + IV + V
13:00-13:50 Break
13:50-15:20 Session III Alternative fuels for aviation
15:20-16:00 Session IV Future materials for aircraft
16:00-17:10 Session V Propulsion integration
blank cell
Day 3
10:00-11:50 Session VI Green flights
11:50-13:00 Session VII Cryogenic fuels / electrofuels
13:00-13:30 Poster Session VI
13:30-14:15 Break
14:15-16:00 Early career researchers (NFFP/SARC)
16:00-16:20 Closing and early career awards
16:20 End of conference

The conference programme presents research in seven key areas of multi-disciplinary expertise allowing in-depth discussions and poster presentations.

Alternative fuels

The transport sector is under increasing pressure to diversify away from petroleum derived fuels for its energy. For aviation, alternative fuels are the most realistic mitigation option. This session will explore technical, operational and performance challenges and opportunities in achieving this sustainable position. There will be specific focus on the environmental consequences of using the new fuels. Additionally, it will seek to identify knowledge gaps to be filled to overcome shortcomings of, or exploit benefits of, alternative fuels.

Climate impact and mitigation concepts

Aviation contributes to climate change and a joint effort is necessary to ensure both sustainable mobility and growth of aviation. However, large uncertainties remain when quantifying overall climate change from aviation. Contributions which emphasise the need to establish solid knowledge and well-evaluated measures and means, to provide quantitative estimates of aviation climate impact and mitigation concepts are particularly welcome. In addition, contributions which explore approach to help aviation are invited.

Propulsion integration

Propulsion systems have for a long time increased in size, relative to the aircraft, making aerodynamic and structural integration an increasing challenge. Additionally, a closer propulsion system integration may offer emissions reductions either through hybrid electric concepts or by ingesting the vehicle boundary layer. Moreover, the propulsion systems must be integrated under constantly more demanding noise constraints.


Future materials for aircraft

Increasing environmental and cost demands drive the development of new aircraft materials for a range of applications. As composite material capability, manufacture and design methods develop their use in airframe and propulsion systems increase. Advanced manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy and on longer term the use of graphene in aircraft promise to provide future steps in aircraft Efficiency.

Interdependency and
aviation environmental modelling

Well-balanced sustainable aviation policymaking requires assessment of potential economic and environmental impacts of any technical, operational and or market-based measure. To facilitate implementation of such aviation environmental policies, a model-based assessment is often applied, ideally with open access to necessary databases. At the conference, European and international perspectives and contributions to integrated modelling and analysis of complex interdependencies and trade-offs will be discussed at air vehicle, airport and or air transport system levels.


Green flights – Climate optimal flight trajectory

Finding the optimal flight trajectory remains one of the main challenges for air traffic management (ATM). Any trajectory has to comply with a growing list of requirements, amongst others safety and climate impact. Recent advancements in this field are invited which aim to expand current capabilities related to one or more of above mentioned key performance areas. Linkages with the Aviation System Block Upgrades are considered as defined in the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.

Airport air quality

The increasing demand to fly and the subsequent expansion of airports are helping to drive research into the impact of aircraft emissions on air quality, health and airport sustainability. Contributions are particularly invited which focus on latest advances in characterising aircraft emissions (including ultrafine particulate matter), dispersion modelling, regulations, real case scenarios, future trends as well as mitigation actions that will assist airports and stakeholders better understand the air quality challenge. 

Showcase for early career researchers

The conference will offer the opportunity for early career researchers, typically having recently completed doctoral R&D to present innovative research initiatives and ideas. A new award Ivar Isaksen Prize for the best presentation (oral/poster) of early career researchers has been launched to celebrate the most inspiring, effective and professional presentation. Details and participation rules will be available in October 2019 on the ECATS web-site:

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