Objectives of ECATS International Association

For the current ECATS International Association, the specific objectives are to promote and support its Members’ joint activities and interests in the field of aviation and environmental impact (see also [Vision] and [Business] of ECATS International Association). Its higher-level aim is to help making aviation sustainable by:-

  • Building up, maintaining and extending scientific expertise
  • Further linking and integrating expertise in relevant thematic areas and to exploit the multi-disciplinary platform available in ECATS
  • Organising exchange of information in particular about experience and development of related research, e.g., on basis of workshops, reports and publications, education and training, and web-based information
  • Providing liaison between customers and experts to provide integrated and professional support
  • Fostering the technical, strategic and political debate, for instance to initiate research work where identified to be crucial.

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News and Events

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