The ECATS International Association, a European durable cooperation and non-profit organisation with excellent members’ expertise and facilities in the aviation & environment area will help to make future aviation sustainable. This will be done by jointly carrying out research and development in the field of aviation & environmental impact. Moreover, ECATS pursues to promote and support its members’ joint activities and interests in the field, and to further harmonise and where possible integrate members’ capabilities eventually into a European Virtual Institute.

ECATS will act as the vital link and professional liaison between customers and the expert members of the association and will provide integrated and professional support, more operational flexibility, efficiency and impact. For its members, ECATS will provide an efficient framework for collaboration between universities and research establishments with a vision to achieve thematic leadership in Europe on aviation environmental impact issues (increase European scientific level and competitiveness). It will prepare and provide the necessary support concerning overall communication and public relations, European strategic business planning, marketing and sales and it pursues to be an important player in the techno-political debate and research and science agenda and policy making.

In order to pursue its vision and goals, ECATS performs research and networking activities which are worked out in more detail in the annually updated and agreed Annual Activity and Budget Plan. ECATS performs strategic and scientific assessments, develops specifically tailored research roadmaps (within thematic clubs), commissions series of student schools, transfers knowledge (technical workshops, seminars, conference), and provides a basis for efficient networking of personnel (mobility, collaborative work, PhD thesis).

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News and Events

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