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Tuesday 13 October 2020


Let’s start the clear sky revolution (PRESENTATION)

Henri Werij

Perspectives on climate change (PRESENTATION)

Myles Allen

A policy perspective (PRESENTATION)

Rickard Nordin

Challenges for aviation (PRESENTATION)

Daniel Jacob

Airport Air Quality

Airport emission particles: exposure characterization and toxicity following intratracheal instillation (PRESENTATION )

Ulla Vogel

Regional Sensitivities of Air Quality to Aviation Emissions (PRESENTATION)

Flávio Quadros

Improvement of airport local air quality assessment (PRESENTATION )

Kateryna Synylo

Time-resolved Aircraft Dispersion Modelling (PRESENTATION)

Ulf Janicke

Simulation of Aircraft emissions dispersion by tracking aircraft using CFD (PRESENTATION)

Emmanuel Montreuil

AVIATOR Project: PM Characterisation from Measurement Campaigns at INTA Stack (PRESENTATION)

Victor Archilla

A Nation-wide Assessment of Particle Number Concentrations from Commercial Aircraft (PRESENTATION)

Sarav Arunachalam


CFD and aerosol dynamics Box-model to improve dispersion models (POSTER)

Emmanuel Montreuil

Airport air quality – State-of-the-art and Evolution of methodologies and possible improvements (POSTER)

Ayce Celikel

Future air quality implications of decision-making for sustainable aviation (POSTER)

Irene Dedoussi

Chemical Characterization of Ultrafine Particles by Mass Spectrometry (POSTER)

Florian Ungeheuer

Low-Cost Sensor Development as Part of the AVIATOR Project (POSTER)

Dogushan Kilic


Wednesday 14 October 2020

Climate Impact and Mitigation Concept

Impact of present and future aircraft emissions on atmospheric composition (PRESENTATION)

Etienne Terrenoire

Effective Radiative Forcing of Contrail Cirrus (PRESENTATION)

Michael Ponater

The Contribution of Aviation NOx Emissions to Climate Change (PRESENTATION)

Volker Grewe

Evaluation of the Climate Impact of the Steam-Injecting and Water-Recovering Aero-Engine Concept (PRESENTATION)

Regina Pouzolz

Parametric study of Contrails formation (PRESENTATION)

Emmanuel Montreuil

The contrail mitigation potential of aircraft formation flight scenarios (PRESENTATION)

Simon Unterstrasser

Mitigating Climate Impact of Aviation by Minimizing Aircraft Contrails (PRESENTATION)

Ulrich Schumann

Impact on Contrails Coverage when Flying with Hybrid Electric Aircraft (PRESENTATION)

Feijia Yin

The Role of Electric-Powered Flight in Real-World Commercial Operations (PRESENTATION)

Alejandro Sobron


How to efficiently design aircraft with minimum climate impact? (POSTER)

Florian Linke

he climate footprint of aviation propulsion technology: The climate propulsion modelling approach (POSTER)

Feijia Yin

Mitigation of nonCO2 climate impact of aviation by changing cruise altitudes (POSTER)

Sigrun Matthes

Near-field modelling of contrails microphysics (POSTER)

Etienne Terrenoire

Non-CO2 impacts of aviation through aircraft-induced clouds (AIC) (POSTER)

Colin Tully

Research on the Sandstorm Numerical Prediction Model Based on GRAPES (POSTER)

Yaohui Li

The EU project ACACIA (Advancing the Science for Aviation and ClimAte) (POSTER)

Robert Sausen

ClimOP – Climate assessment of Innovative Mitigation strategies towards OPerational improvements in aviation (POSTER)

Alessandra Tedeschi

Optimized Flight Trajectories to limit the climate change (POSTER)

Michael Finke

The EU H2020 project ALTERNATE (Assessment on aLTERNative AviaTion fuEls development) (POSTER)

Gustavo Alonso

AGCA cluster for aviation operations impact on climate change (POSTER)


Alternative Fuels for Aviation


Bastian Rauch

Thermal Stability Behavior of Alternative Fuels: Experimental and Modeling Approaches (PRESENTATION)

Maira Alves Fortunato

Understanding Thermal Stability of Future Jet Fuels Using Computational Chemistry (PRESENTATION)

Charlie Adams

Effect of Fuel Composition on Emissions from RQL Combustion Rig (PRESENTATION)

Joseph Harper

Aircraft Engine Particulate Matter Emissions using Sustainable Aviation Fuels (PRESENTATION)

Prem Lobo


Reviewing the Development of Alternative Jetfuels and Aircraft Propulsion Systems (POSTER, audio available on request)

Karna Dahal

Overview of the NewJET Network+ (POSTER)

Simon Blakey

Conceptual design of a compressor-vane-HEX for LH2 aircraft engine applications (POSTER)

Carlos Xisto

Novel Small Scale Isothermal Stability Test Method For Aviation Fuel (POSTER)

Seyed Yoosof Sadat

Impact of Alternative Jet Fuels on Aircraft Emissions in Cruise (POSTER)

Daniel Sauer

Future Materials for Aircraft

Multifunctional Materials, a Step Towards the Future of Aviation (PRESENTATION)

Linnea Selegård

Teaching Activities for Future Multifunctional Composite Material (PRESENTATION)

Johanna Xu

Multi-Functional Materials towards Environmentally Friendly Aviation (PRESENTATION)

Peter Linde


Structural positive electrode produced using tape casting (POSTER)

Shanghong Duan

Structural Battery Composite Demonstrator (POSTER)

David Carlstedt

Propulsion Integration

Energy & Propulsion System Integration – Key Driver of Advanced Aircraft Design (PRESENTATION, video available on request)

Arne Seitz

Propulsion Installation Modelling for Ultra-High Bypass Ratio Engine Cycle Design (PRESENTATION, video available on request)

Josefin Andersson

Experimental aerodynamic investigation of powered nacelles for high-bypass turbofan engines (PRESENTATION)

Vinicius Tavares Silva

Harmonic Forcing from Distortion in a Boundary Layer Ingesting Fan (PRESENTATION)

Hans Mårtensson

Thursday 15 October 2020

Green Flights

Climate Impact Mitigation Potential of Formation Flight (PRESENTATION, video available on request)

Tobias Marks

Assessing the climate impact of formation flights (PRESENTATION)

Katrin Dahlmann

Contrail Formation Conditions and Instantaneous Radiative Forcing (PRESENTATION)

Klaus Gierens

Weather and Location Dependency of Aviation Climate Effects: 4-D-Climate-Change-Functions (PRESENTATION)

Christine Frömming

Comparison of Various Aircraft Routing Strategies Using the AirTraf 2.0 (PRESENTATION)

Hiroshi Yamashita

Reducing Aviation Emissions and Fuel Burn by Re-routing Transatlantic Flights (video available on request)

Cathie Wells

How Will Climate Change Affect Flight Routes and Turbulence? (PRESENTATION, video available on request)

Paul Williams


Fuel Tankering: economic benefits and environmental impact (POSTER)

Laurent Tabernier

The Climate Impact of Hypersonic Transport (POSTER, video available on request)

Johannes Pletzer, formerly Emmerig

Concept of Climate-Charged Airspaces (POSTER)

Malte Niklaß

Fuel Planning Strategies for Aerodynamic Formation Flight (POSTER)

Majed Swaid

Optimization of flight routes for reduced climate impact (OP-FLYKLIM) project (POSTER)

Jana Moldanová

Climate impact mitigation potential of European Air Traffic (POSTER)

Benjamin Lührs

Robustness of climate-optimized trajectories and mitigation potential: Flying ATM4E (POSTER)

Sigrun Matthes

Towards robust and eco-efficient reduction in aviation’s climate impact by identifying climate-optimised aircraft trajectories POSTER)

Sigrun Matthes

Cryogenic Fuels / Electrofuels

Hydrogen – a path to sustainable flying (PRESENTATION)

Anders Lundbladh

Large scale Bio-Electro-Jet fuel-production integration at CHP-plant in Östersund, Sweden (PRESENTATION, video available on request)

Anton Fagerström

Decarbonizing Nordic Transports – the Role of Alternative Aviation Fuels (PRESENTATION)

Julia Hansson

Fuel tank sizing methodology for cryogenic hydrogen fuelled air transport (PRESENTATION)

Devaiah Nalianda

Energy transition in aviation: the role of cryogenic fuels (PRESENTATION)

Arvind Gangoli Rao

Early career researchers (NFFP/SARC)

Cavity Acoustics and Rossiter modEs – CARE (PRESENTATION)

Steffen Hammer

Experimental Study of Transition in a Turbine Rear Structure (PRESENTATION)

Isak Jonsson

Aerodynamic Investigation of the flow in a Turbine Rear Structure (PRESENTATION)

Valentin Vikhorev

Quantifying the Environmental Design Trades for a State-of-the-art Turbofan Engine (PRESENTATION)

Marily Thoma

Microstructural evolution during thermal post-treatment of additively manufactured Alloy 718 (PRESENTATION)

Sneha Goel

Integration of Airborne Early Warning Radar Platforms on Aircraft (PRESENTATION)

Prabhat Khanal

A System of Systems View in Aerospace Product Development (PRESENTATION)

Ludvig Knöös Franzen

Autonomous Navigation Support from Real-Time Visual Mapping (PRESENTATION)

Daniel Sabel


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