ECATS 3rd Conference 21-23 April 2020

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Making aviation environmentally sustainable

21-23 April 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Building upon the success of the 1st ECATS Conference (Berlin 2013) and 2nd ECATS Conference (Athens 2016) this scientific conference ECATS2020 will give the opportunity to present state-of-the art research, review recent achievements and at the same time will provide a strategic perspective on future directions in environmentally sustainable aviation. The conference programme will present research in seven key areas of multi-disciplinary expertise allowing in-depth discussions and poster presentations.

  • Alternative fuels for aviation
  • Aviation climate impact and mitigation concepts
  • Green flight – Climate optimal flight trajectory
  • Interdependency and aviation environmental modelling
  • Propulsion Integration
  • General session for Swedish National Aeronautics Programme (NFFP)
  • Airport Air Quality
  • Future materials for aircraft

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Registration fees before 15/2/20

  • Delegates 350€
  • ECATS members 300€
  • Students 250€

Registration fees after 15/2/20

  • Delegates 400€
  • ECATS members 350€
  • Students 290€

Contributions relating to above key themes are welcome (300 words abstracts).
A preference (oral/poster) can be given with submission of abstract. Extended abstracts of all presentations will be included in the conference proceedings, which will be available at the conference. After the event selected contributions will be invited to submit a paper for peer-review to a special issue of an international journal.

SARC Conference Venue: Web-site

ECATS2020_3rd_Call for Abstracts: Ecats_3rd_Conf_CallForAbstracts



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